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About Jeff

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The Forest Preserves of DuPage County are landmarks of many of my happiest memories while growing up in Naperville.

Fishing with friends at Blackwell, hiking the trails at Hidden Lake, and searching for wildlife at Herrick lake, are a few of the memories I cherish.

Now that we are raising two children, and live in Glen Ellyn, my wife Meagan and I are always bringing them to our new favorites such as Churchill woods, East Branch and Willowbrook Wildlife Center .

As a Trustee for Milton Township, I’ve shown the people of this County that I am a responsible steward of the Taxpayers dollar, and that I’ll go above and beyond for them with my work as Vice President of the Milton Food Pantry, where I oversaw the expansion of the Pantry, and I built a 1000 square foot vegetable garden for our pantry that I personally maintain.

As Commissioner I’ll pledge to be a great addition to the Board, and am excited to work with fellow Commissioners in continuing their great work in preserving and improving our magnificent Forests and open spaces.

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Forest silhouette
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  • DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick
  • Seth Lewis State senate 24th dist.
  • Amy Grant State Rep 47th Dist.
  • Jennifer Sanilitro State Rep 48th Dist.
  • Jim ZAy - DuPage County Board Dist 6
  • Gary Muehlfelt Milton Hwy. Commissioner
  • Al Murphy - Forest Preserve Dist. 6
  • Grant Eckhoff - DuPage County Board 4
  • Mike Formento Fmr. Forest preserve

& Fmr.Glen Ellyn Village President

  • Milton Twp Trustees

Joe Soto

Drew Ellis

Dan Milinko

  • Tyrone Fahner- Fmr. Illinois Attorney General
  • John Monino - Milton Twp. Supervisor
Blades of Grass
Blades of Grass
Blades of Grass

Here is what i offer

-a fresh mindset with new innovative ideas

There are so many ways we can improve upon the Forest ​Preserves offerings without raising the taxes we levy. I am ​excited to bring my creative mindset to the board.

-Support better fishing and trails

One of the Best features of our Preserves is the ​Fishing. But in recent years the fish have become scarce ​and there is an obvious lack of the fish that sportsmen ​seek. If we stock more frequently and maintain healthy ​waterways, we will see this improve and sportsmen will ​come from all over to fish our waters. This is good for ​the County’s macroeconomic growth

-Advocate against wasteful spending

one example is: This year the District approved the ​construction of bathroom structures at 4 different ​Preserves. The price tag being $650-$700K a piece ​(before change-orders). This definitely was what I ​would consider wasteful, being from the ​construction industry I would have been able to ​assist in finding a different avenue to improve our ​bathroom accomodations for significantly less than ​double the value of most homes in Dupage